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BLOG : The Color of your Mood

The Color of your Mood

Summer… summer… A little bit more to  the moment when gleams of the color of the sun will touch  our skin at last soon, and paint it in golden tone and our mood will be associated only with the sea, the sun and tender sand …  All paints of the happy Mediterranean  life have been reflected in this season  also in accessories . I love every color,  which  I have described below, - the color creates  the mood and allows to feel  а true temperament of life.   The color is perhaps  the most important thing in  any  accessory. Try each of them J

Lemon - one of the trend of this summer season. Scintillating and uncontrollable color has shone   as handbags, shoes, and small details of clothes. I prefer to use this color in accessories or in furnish. As the  independent color can give a dress some sporty addition ,but it can extremely change accessories, and give some youth and a little bit levity - all this we are  expecting  from wonderful summer days. Lemon is presented in collections in various tones - from pastel to brighter. I have fell in love with this delicate  pastel shade.

image001.jpg          image002.jpg          image003.jpg

        Versus                             Basso & Brooke                  Giambattista Valli


Shades of water and sky  - turquoise, sky-blue -  are fantastically beautiful tones of  the blue from deep color of the sea water,  illuminated up by sunshine  color, to the color of a delicate  sky - blue. Depending on a tone of choice you can feel you  not only  mermaid, and also a  lovely  nymph, running on wide city streets in silvery sandals. To wear in a combination with flamingo coral, white, cobalt blue or the light  beige.

image004.jpg          image005.jpg          image006.jpg

       Jill Sander                     Salvatore Ferragamo                   Peter Som



Flamingo coral -is  a new and fresh tone of coral - the color which making  mood, it is bright, but not too. Every romantic summer history should  be  with a dress or a handbag of a carnations tone or peach flamingo coral. To wear  with light-beige, sky-blue, white and dark green.

image007.jpg          image008.jpg          image009.jpg

       Jil Sander                               Marni                     VPL by Victoria Bartlett


Mint - fabulous tones of fresh mint in this season are especially actual and  it is impossible to pass them by. This color looks especially wonderfully  on a varnish or iridescent surface. To wear  with ballet pink and the soft  beige.

image010.jpg          image011.jpg          image012.jpg

    Emporio Armani                   Emporio Armani                     Karen Walker 


Ballet pink - is the most delicate  and the most attractive tone of pink  . Accessories in this color look  extraordinary womanly and  so lovely. To wear with  gold, sky-blue, beige and mint, and a beautiful combination is also with dark blue.

image013.jpg          image014.jpg          image015.jpg

     Rebecca Taylor                     Nicole Farhi                         Ralph Lauren



Candy brights - pastel tones are the main key trends of the summer season. Candy tones of mint, pink, yellow, blue remind us of 50th  and carry in itself  some mist of vintage.  I love  very  much these colors  separately or  together - they refresh and cheer up!

image016.jpg    image017.jpg    image018.jpg

      Jil Sander                    Basso & Brooke                         Versus


Pearl - for a long  time  designers  have been interested in a subject of the sea depths , but it has never been presented  yet on podiums in such delicate pastel scale  . Models turned into mermaids or fantastic nymphs .  Pearls  jewellery  in hair and an opalize  pearl surface in materials became the integral attributes of a new image.

 image019.jpg          image020.jpg         image021.jpg

    Oscar de la Renta                    Sportmax                         Antonio Berardi



There are  many colors  and tones  which are actual  in this summer, I only described those, which I was enamoured . But there is a luminant  orange, a bright fuchsia, gold, cobalt dark blue and bright saturated yellow without which this summer wouldn't be so bright …


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