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BLOG : Summer Trends

Summer Trends


 The influence of  60h- 70th years has an effect  not only accurate forms and contrast combinations of color.  One of the most sign materials of this season is transparent fabrics - organza, chiffon, thin plastic and lucite  for accessory, which refer us to AndrĂ© Couregges's creations - who is a big fan of futuristic forms and pure colors.  In modern interpretation the transparent materials emphasize only fragility and beauty of a female figure, give it zero gravity. 

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Sorbet colors

 Tremendous lightless, tenderness and feminity of suits or colored accessories by vanilla, apple, mint and lavender, they speak for itself. The combination of several shades or gentle flowers in one look - a lilac dress, mint nail varnish and bright mint ornament is possible - everything depends on your imagination only. These colors are my favourites in this season because lilac and apple I have not worn for   10 years, probably it should try again :)


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 It is impossible to imagine this summer without flying dresses with frills and flounces like in the summer collection of Gucci and Chloe. The influence of the 70th years with bright flowers and almost Gipsy romanticism is strong. I already look forward to walking on the seashore this summer and to meeting a dawn in an elegant colored dress of the sun color!


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 The nude-beige acts on an equal basis with the white in this summer season. It is very beautiful in combination with black, white, orange, ultramariny and yellow. Total look in beige always looks chic. 

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