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BLOG : Shanghai street-fashion

Shanghai street-fashion

How can a city  have an influence on a person, on his lifestyle and on his ideology? Having seen many different places in  the last few years, I would like to touch on some of them and gradually to tell You about those cities and corners of the globe which impressed and inspired me. One of such places was Shanghai. To say that it is the city of contrasts, it means to say nothing... Such surprising neighbourhood of improbable designs of the future, mirrored skyscrapers and echoes of the Chinese village with peeling roofs, modern cars and vehicles rewound by a wire, the dandies hurrying on catwalks and people in traditional clothes, you don't see anywhere. Dramatic development of architecture and industry also says that the fashion  takes a special place in Shanghai. Certainly the Chinese fashion industry has an inclination to imitate, but it is necessary to note that in this amazing city all leading world trends found a refuge but with their features. The Chinese fashion is many-sided - here you may meet as well the girls in lovely dresses and funny  fur shorts with traditional lacing  furnish , teenagers with backpacks with  rivets of fashionable coloring, young men in suits on a figure and, as an unexpected stroke, with a metal collar instead of a tie, and in the evenings pairs in cosy brogues  on a thick sole and in similar clothes  as women with expensive handbags and in clothes of a difficult cut. China absorbs itself all events in the fashion world  like a sponge and, in spite of  some  skeptical attitude about the Chinese fashion and frankly unexpected combinations of clothes, it is should be noted the  essential progress of the Chinese fashion and inspiring influence on many designers.


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