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BLOG : Impressive Italy

Impressive Italy

It's good idea if I distract from the main subject of the blog and I write about my emotions from my trip to Italy. Well I can't share ☺ Milan met us with the sunny clear afternoon, a flock of pigeons at the Duomo square and a smell of the most delicious cappuccino.  It is the surprising city - among not striking architecture (we are silent about Duomo! )  it is  the most fashionable city in Italy, we realize as really life boils. Possibly it is just a look of the inhabitant from gloomy Saint-Petersburg! But, really, in Milan from Monday till Sunday,  something occurs surely. It may be days of the independent film, a football match, fashionable displays, meetings or concerts on the square. If you live in the center, precisely you won't be  bored! There is some special power in Italy - concentration of pleasures in this country simply goes beyond the limit. I'm inspired by creativity personally. Not for nothing Italy has always been a subject of passion, obsession and nostalgia of writers and artists. After a breakfast with a fragrant croissants, polite "Buon Giorno" from a unfamiliar signor on the street and buying of new heels (well as without it ☺), walks under the sun and meetings with cheerful friends, you understand that you began to smile there is also solar on your sole, like in Italy.






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