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BLOG : Elusory beauty

Elusory beauty

I  have decided to write in my blog gradually about those talented and interesting persons with who I was lucky to create together . Sometimes there is something elusory and light in people - that impels to sing the soul and to enjoy their creativity, and it is called original talent. Things are created under the Tali Langren brand by designer Natasha Egorycheva have unique feature - they breathe really ease. The purity, some naivety and musicality, lightness and touching - each dress is got by true dramatic nature. It is not for nothing that among admirers of this designer there are many people from the creative environment - the Tali Langren clothes are the real communication with the space, with amazing  and difficult performed ideas which are desired to analyze and to find in them new sparkles of talent of this designer every time. Sensitivity in everything, the careful and realized choice of fabrics and nonrandomness of color characterizes a designer as the person who  thinks very much about creation of things and invents some modern, special and fantastic history for each collection surely. To get acquainted with the creativity of the designer it is possible in her blog.  


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