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BLOG : Big Travel To Cuba

Big Travel To Cuba

Everybody likes traveling and I only would travel honestly. The new countries, mountains, the seas, the interesting people and exciting adventures... It would be great to travel and create at the same time!  I know those who exactly managed it.  The Californian brand called Clover Canyon under the leadership of the creative director, and also the author of prints Rozae Nichols , who adheres to very interesting course of development, inspired only by travels, conquering the African mountains, dancing the Cuban dances or studying national ornaments on traditional clothes. The team uses original color palette maximally and drawings, which are appropriate to this or that country. The clothes are made only in California, all prints are put manually. This young,fresh, artistic and unknown brand is a real discovery yet to a wide audience. The new RESORT 2014 collection reminds us about hot Cuba, classical Cuban caddy, aromatic smell of cigars, taste of tropical fruit and incendiary salsa, hot suntanned ladies and all bright colors of this surprising island of freedom. The collection is optimized for young, blithesome, venturous and, by all means, with sense of humour, fans of this brand. :)

  Clover Canyon.jpg

  Clover Canyon1.jpg

  Clover Canyon2.jpg

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