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Spring is coming

Spring  is just around the corner.  There are not so many  light sunny days and bright paints!    To encourage you a little bit, I've decided to open a veil  slightly over fresh spring trends. 


Spring and summer catwalks  have  taken place under the sign of the Retro - it  has been traced in everything - in forms, in prints, in color choice. Thus the range of retro tendencies is  very extensive - from 50-s to 80-s years of the 20th century.  Graphic contrast in clothes is one of the most powerful and visible trends. It may be  small or  large check ,  horizontal or vertical  strips  - you take a decision. The main thing of a model  is to be underlined laconic without excesses.  Look at Moschino and Louis Vuitton catwalks for inspiration.





Bright Orange

Fresh color of orange has still never acted with such courage and it has been noticed in many catwalks. Orange is the symbol of summer, pleasure and cheerfulness.  It looks well  both in style 60x models in combination with white, and in beautiful and difficult  jewelry and bags. It is possible to put an orange mini-dress on  and to emphasize it with white accessories, or a laconic suit of beige or white color, but to make it spicier with a bright orange bag, or a chic necklace with orange stones. Try it!



Neon Lemon

It is one of my favourites  in the coming season! Lemon already was in collections of designers last year and we often saw it on fashion  bloggers, but, probably it isn't going to reced .  Other combinations are also possible, everything depends only on your imagination. For weekdays I prefer  this color in accessories - a lemon necklace, the belt or a handbag perfectly up your mood!



"Fast" fashion


 The term "fast fashion" has appeared rather recently, but it has already taken  a place in the fashion industry densely . In the rhythm of our today's life  faults and delay are not allowed, intertwining with the economic crisis and political instability we look for  a support in the fashion. It is not a secret that in the world history, the fashion has always reached the  pick during the strongest wars and the cataclysms, it  is like a powerful symbol of changes. It is possible to treat fashion in different ways, someone doesn't catch sight of  it and avoids it , someone is afraid of it, and someone follows it  blindly. Trends change fast in the last decades,  debut  of new and new names in the fashion world, a huge amount of democratic brands offering "fast fashion" at low cost and hunting for novelties which will be in a trend  tomorrow, all it says that it becomes intolerable boringly to us and we become more difficult to be surprised and carried away. Now almost everyone, having registered on instagram or on, or on any other site, having good taste, may become a real fashionable guru and have a huge number of followers.  The world is ruled by things.  Shops are overflowed with extremely fashionable inexpensive and low-quality goods, the fashion depreciates and it doesn't become a high game, and than - that readily available.  And this availability, as a rule, bothers quickly.  They say that Haute Couture dies, but I  think that there are some preconditions to its renaissance - after all it can't die because it contains the meaning  what the beauty and an esthetics is, that, in what the heart and soul and that it is possible to touch and feel heat of hands of the Master.  I describe only my emotions here, as the person working in the fashion and loving it. I think that the near fashion future for the man-made design things emphasizing identity and character of their owner.   

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Structured bag



          Amazing photo shoot  from  Natalia Egorycheva  and Misha Pavlovsky








                                            Dress: Tali Langren

                                             Bag: Olga Fomina

                                         Make-up: Vitaly Gulyaev

                                       Hairs: Ekaterina Alekseeva

                                       Model: Anya Chaykovskaya

Shanghai street-fashion

How can a city  have an influence on a person, on his lifestyle and on his ideology? Having seen many different places in  the last few years, I would like to touch on some of them and gradually to tell You about those cities and corners of the globe which impressed and inspired me. One of such places was Shanghai. To say that it is the city of contrasts, it means to say nothing... Such surprising neighbourhood of improbable designs of the future, mirrored skyscrapers and echoes of the Chinese village with peeling roofs, modern cars and vehicles rewound by a wire, the dandies hurrying on catwalks and people in traditional clothes, you don't see anywhere. Dramatic development of architecture and industry also says that the fashion  takes a special place in Shanghai. Certainly the Chinese fashion industry has an inclination to imitate, but it is necessary to note that in this amazing city all leading world trends found a refuge but with their features. The Chinese fashion is many-sided - here you may meet as well the girls in lovely dresses and funny  fur shorts with traditional lacing  furnish , teenagers with backpacks with  rivets of fashionable coloring, young men in suits on a figure and, as an unexpected stroke, with a metal collar instead of a tie, and in the evenings pairs in cosy brogues  on a thick sole and in similar clothes  as women with expensive handbags and in clothes of a difficult cut. China absorbs itself all events in the fashion world  like a sponge and, in spite of  some  skeptical attitude about the Chinese fashion and frankly unexpected combinations of clothes, it is should be noted the  essential progress of the Chinese fashion and inspiring influence on many designers.


        IMG_1293.JPG  IMG_1441.JPG  

        IMG_1455.JPG  Фото5236.jpg

        IMG_1460.JPG  IMG_1539.JPG

         IMG_1544.JPG  IMG_1009.JPG                                       



One day with lemon clutch

Last month of summer... It would be desirable to prolong  it and to cheer itself up  something  bright and solar. In my city we don't see enough  of actually  sunny days and as anybody  we appreciate them and we catch each sunny raylet. In one of  such days we went to walk having taken with ourself the camera, a bright lemon clutch and good mood!