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The Great Gatsby by Armani Prive Couture

The unforgettable impression of the Hollywood movie " The Great Gatsby" is still fresh and I remember how I couldn't sleep half of night so impressed by the magnificence I have seen. The souls of each fashionista and esthete were literally exulting during watching and admiring the beautiful dresses from Prada. For most of you it is not a secret that I love dresses so much. Actually it is my little passion: ) And now here I couldn't resist Armani Prive couture catwalk - the incredibly womanly and delicate dresses in the spirit of 30-th, the real esthetic pleasure. I am in love :)


 Gatsby photo.jpg                   


Plexi games

  Look at such wonderful things  I stumbled on open spaces of instagram ! The author - greek designer Urania Giourmetaki created an own brand named  Urania Gazzeli rather recently and if to be exact, only in 2010. Clutches are made completely manually of plexiglass (organic glass) with delicate metal finishing  is a stunning combination of laconic industrial design, futurism, wonderful sense of style and the Greek art of a mosaic. Only  for few years these small   boxy - clutches  became the real must have. Bright, alike to sugar candies in neon colors or completely made  from small   mosaic slices - these handbags didn't leave indifferent even such fashionable gurus as Anna Dello Russo and Chiara Ferragni. The designer of a brand constantly experiments with  colors  combination and  textures, having inhaled new life in family business.






Fashion Fairytales

It seems that the fairytale subject  occupied the fashion  world! Designers are inspired   by "  the Wizard of  Oz * and Disney's cartoons , didn't pass by the Russian national fairy tales.  It was surprisingly and pleasantly to see in Ulyana Sergeenko's collection the drawings known  since the childhood :)



Summer Trends


 The influence of  60h- 70th years has an effect  not only accurate forms and contrast combinations of color.  One of the most sign materials of this season is transparent fabrics - organza, chiffon, thin plastic and lucite  for accessory, which refer us to André Couregges's creations - who is a big fan of futuristic forms and pure colors.  In modern interpretation the transparent materials emphasize only fragility and beauty of a female figure, give it zero gravity. 

 blog sorbet colors .jpg

Sorbet colors

 Tremendous lightless, tenderness and feminity of suits or colored accessories by vanilla, apple, mint and lavender, they speak for itself. The combination of several shades or gentle flowers in one look - a lilac dress, mint nail varnish and bright mint ornament is possible - everything depends on your imagination only. These colors are my favourites in this season because lilac and apple I have not worn for   10 years, probably it should try again :)


blog sorbet colors1 .jpg



 It is impossible to imagine this summer without flying dresses with frills and flounces like in the summer collection of Gucci and Chloe. The influence of the 70th years with bright flowers and almost Gipsy romanticism is strong. I already look forward to walking on the seashore this summer and to meeting a dawn in an elegant colored dress of the sun color!


blog sorbet colors 2.jpg


 The nude-beige acts on an equal basis with the white in this summer season. It is very beautiful in combination with black, white, orange, ultramariny and yellow. Total look in beige always looks chic. 

blog sorbet colors3 .jpg



Impressive Italy

It's good idea if I distract from the main subject of the blog and I write about my emotions from my trip to Italy. Well I can't share ☺ Milan met us with the sunny clear afternoon, a flock of pigeons at the Duomo square and a smell of the most delicious cappuccino.  It is the surprising city - among not striking architecture (we are silent about Duomo! )  it is  the most fashionable city in Italy, we realize as really life boils. Possibly it is just a look of the inhabitant from gloomy Saint-Petersburg! But, really, in Milan from Monday till Sunday,  something occurs surely. It may be days of the independent film, a football match, fashionable displays, meetings or concerts on the square. If you live in the center, precisely you won't be  bored! There is some special power in Italy - concentration of pleasures in this country simply goes beyond the limit. I'm inspired by creativity personally. Not for nothing Italy has always been a subject of passion, obsession and nostalgia of writers and artists. After a breakfast with a fragrant croissants, polite "Buon Giorno" from a unfamiliar signor on the street and buying of new heels (well as without it ☺), walks under the sun and meetings with cheerful friends, you understand that you began to smile there is also solar on your sole, like in Italy.