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The Top Trends of Resort 2015

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Spring/Summer 2014 trends

Well it's time to tell you about new spring trends.I promise this season would be very interesting! Entwinement of all art forms, modern painting, architecture, television, publicity with notes of surrealism wouldn't let us feel bored this spring! Bravely wear bright colors, difficult cut-out dresses and we join the art.


 The contemporary art has literally overflowed podiums with bright paints. Dabs, paint streaks, color transitions - the pictures of the known Arab artist Samiya Halabi became an inspiration for many designers. 


 Difficult architectural cut of the products, a deconstruction in pure form, Zakhi Hadid reminding modern buildings, and, in the same time, carrying us in the past to origins. Art of a cut of Charles James, the genius of fashion and design of 20th years, also a famous deconstructivist, became the subject of the famous spring ball of suit institute of Metropolitan museum no for nothing.


 The flower theme is always actual for summer, but now we are looking forward for the real explosion. Flowers are everywhere - in Dior advertising, at the new bottle of Dolce&Gabbana perfume, as well as at the wonderful dresses for romantic summer days.


 Naturel motives, natural fabrics, finishing with a long suede fringe bring us to hippie times, freedom and us reminds about journeys full of pleasure and impressions.


 Large labels, pop art, bright and almost advertizing color schemes look really fresh, sporty and dynamic. Andy Warhol's exhibitions attract crowds in all cities of the world not for nothing - it really impresses, as well as creations of Raf Simmons and DKNY.


 The result of entwinement of architecture, fashion and modern technologies came is a very interesting tendency embodied by Clover Canyon (yes, yes, I know that I frequently write about them))). Prints with projections of the cities, streets, chips are really modern and unusual!


 Ethnic elements in suit, an embroidery, the beads, complicated ornaments with impregnations of colorful flowers is an excellent example how the national or historical suit turns into extremely fashionable things. 


 Prints or finishings with effect of a marble surface or color gradients is one of the key summer trends of future season.


Lilac & Mint

 I would like  to present you  my new babes - lilac and mint summer  clutches.

 I  so looove them:)








Summer 2014 Accessory Trends



                       Some interesting  fresh accessory trends from

                               Spring/Summer 2014 runway :)


       интересные аксессуары444 .jpg

интересные аксессуары555 .jpg












Art of Elegance

A fabulously beautiful exhibition of a theatrical suit takes place in St. Petersburg. The designer of the exhibition, Massimo Marcomini, has chosen Sheremetevsky palace not coincidentally - historical interiors, paintings and museum pieces emphasize the beauty and esthetics of the magnificent theatrical suits, created by such outstanding masters as Valentino Garavani, Gianni Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Gianfranco Ferre, Stefano Canulli, Roberto Capucci, Laura Biaggiotti, as best one can. How many emotions and pleasure beautiful and bright things can afford ! ! ! Full of inspiration, we wandered the exhibition about two hours, considering, photographing and simply enjoying of the atmosphere. It is surprising how different artists can see the same directions , suits for Carmen by Ferre, created by Karl Lagerfeld, cause curiosity, bewilderment and delight - hardly somebody else would venture to put Carmen on a jeans dress with fur pompons! I rediscovered for myself creativity of Gianni Versace; his surprising beautiful, laboriously embroidered dresses for La Scala theater were the same considerable part of his creativity, as well as Pret-a-Porte. However,while most of the names are familiar for me as for the designer (and not only), I've got acquainted with Stefano Canulli and Roberto Capucci creativity for the first time. Ah, such sketches, such inspiring combinations of color and smart dresses. I think it deserves a separate post! Than.. I will do it surely :)  For now, enjoy the photos which I have made at the exhibition …